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Global Competence Research & Assessment

The culmination of extensive original international research, the Global Competence Model™ is based on the definition of Global Competence developed in 2004 as follows:

"Having an open mind while actively seeking to understand cultural norms and expectations of others, and leveraging this gained knowledge to interact, communicate and work effectively in diverse environments."

Hunter, B., White, G, Godbey, G. (2006). What Does it Mean to Be Globally Competent? Journal of Studies in International Education, 10 (3), 267-285.

The Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA)® is a diagnostic instrument that objectively assesses all components of global competence, as determined by the research. Developing global competence is a life's journey, and it takes time to hone each of the aptitudes. Fostering it is critical along the entire continuum of student preparation for the global workforce through individuals' advanced professional tenure.

Student Preparation
During one’s education, the GCAA® can be used to measure student learning outcomes and to provide detailed feedback about the performance of an individual student, a course, a program or an institution. Rooted in international research on global competence, GCAA® metrics provide clear direction as to the skills that today's global workforce demands of students: as marketable new hires; and then later as high potential effective contributors who are valued and promoted by their employers.

Educators also need to update curricula that support the development of global competence during the childhood through young adulthood years. Faculty, including teachers, professors, and curriculum developers, as well as administrators also need to be globally competent. The GCAA® is used to guide educational staff development for successful knowledge transfer, which benefits all students that they encounter.

Professional Development
Within the human resources selection process, GCAA® results can accompany a candidate’s portfolio of qualifications and provide objective insight to complement hiring and promotion decisions. Across an organization, GCAA® metrics can provide supplemental perspective regarding which staff member to send on an international assignment or who is best suited to work in a high performing global team.

Additionally, the GCAA® is often used in advance of global readiness training and development programs to identify aptitude gaps, then to determine and prioritize appropriate areas for individual and staff training efforts. Such a targeted assessment and development program can advance the capability of an entire organization.

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