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Global Competence Training

In short, global competence implies the ability to interact effectively with anyone in the world. To support that mission, we offer a portfolio of targeted training solutions specifically designed to support GCAA® results.

Our global competence training programs are customized to meet clients’ development needs. Courses can cover the three broad categories of global knowledge, attitudes or people skills, or they can focus on separate dimensions of the Global Competence Model™. Sample courses include the following:

Global Understanding - Global Knowledge

The Global Understanding course supports the Global Awareness and Historical Perspective dimensions of the Global Competence Model™. Knowledge about religion, geography, current events, and history form the basis of culture. The course covers a general framework of major societal shifts that have taken place over time and across the world's regions, which are embedded in the culture and values that still impact people today. It highlights nations of prominence based on global rankings, as well as those of client interest. To be successful when interacting with individuals of varying backgrounds, it is essential to have a strong generalized foundation of global knowledge so that cultural differences make sense and can be acted upon appropriately.

Global Outlook - Successful Global Attitudes

The Global Outlook course supports the Open-Minded, Risk Taking, and Attentiveness to Diversity dimensions of the Global Competence Model™. The course helps participants recognize different perspectives and ways of life so that they are more inclined to receive information without judgment. It encourages individuals to step outside their cultural boxes to catalyze their journey toward successful attitudes in a global context.

Global Teams and Communication - Cultural Sensitivity and People Skills

The Global Teams and Communication Course fosters the Collaboration Across Cultures and the Intercultural Capability dimensions of the Global Competence Model™. This course provides participants skills to bridge cultural differences in order to communicate and work collaboratively in today's varied team settings. As it is critical to avoid cultural faux pas and to treat others the way they wish to be treated, the course also focuses on how to make subtle adjustments to one's approach for superior personal interactions.

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